Episode 001 – Ant Man had throat cancer?!

Hey guys,

This is our first attempt at podcasting so it’s not perfect, but we had a lot of fun making it and it will definitely get better as time goes by.  We would really appreciate any feedback so we can improve on future episodes.

Below is the list of comics we read this week!

All New X-Factor 2
All New X-Men 22.Now
Avengers World 2
Bad Ass 1
Cable and X-Force 19
Chew 39
Dead Body Road 2
Deadly Class 1
Hacktivist 1
Harley Quinn 2
Indestructible Hulk 18.INH
Krampus 2
Mighty Avengers 5.INH
Origin II 2
Pretty Deadly 4
Sex 10
Superior Spider-Man Team Up 9
Walking Dead 120

Aaaaaand, here is the awesome picture that I mentioned in the episode:



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