Episode 005 – Mexican Robo-Love

Today on the show we discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, Kid-Friendly Comics, and good introductory comics for newbies. We also continue with our giveaways!

The show is a little shorter today because I have a family member who is extremely sick and I have to leave town. Thankfully Miguel could come record a day earlier than usual, and we still managed to make a funny show despite everything else.

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Below is the list of books we read this week!

Night of the Living Deadpool 3
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up 10 – Miguel’s #2
New Warriors 1
Harley Quinn 3
Nova 13.Now
Punisher 2 – Justin’s #2
Batman 28
Marvel Knights: Hulk 3
Amazing X-Men 4
Uncanny X-Men 17
Avengers World 3
Krampus 3
Undertow 1
Alex + Ada 4
Bad Ass 2 – Miguel’s #1
God Is Dead 7 – Justin’s #1
He-man and the Masters of the Universe 10
White Suits 1 – Pick of the Week!
Adventure Time 25
Zero TPB #1

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