Episode 025 – Horsetisleaze! (Peter Hon)

Today on the show, we discuss our picks of the week, Peter Hon joins us to discuss his kickstarter for his book “Malden”, Justin tells some funny stories about college, and we play another round of “F’ed up facts from Comics Past”!

Check out Malden here , and check out Peter’s kickstarter here!

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 Below is the list of books we read this week!

Adventure Time #29
Alex + Ada #7
Avengers #31
Avengers World #8
Batman Eternal #11
Drumhellar #6 (Justin’s Pick of the Week)
Harley Quinn #7
Last Broadcast #2
MPH #2 (Miguel’s #2 Book)
Nova #18
Original Sin #4
Punisher #7
Sex Criminals #6
Thor: God of Thunder #23 (Miguel’s #1 Book)
Thunderbolts #27 (Justin’s #2 Book)
Translucid #3
Uncanny X-Men #22
Wicked + Divine (Justin’s #1 Book, Miguel’s Pick of the Week)

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