Episode 053 – Severedly Off-Topic (Steve Orlando)

Today’s episode is not normal. However, it is exactly what we’ve come to expect whenever The GREAT Steve Orlando joins us! We recorded this one immediately following our live-tweet event of the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special on Sunday, so there’s NO BOOK REVIEWS this week! Sorry about that, but we’ll return to our normal reviews next week. On this episode, we jump from tangent to tangent, but here’s a little bit of what we talked about: He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special, the live action Masters of the Universe Movie, who would win in a fight between Skeletor and Mumm-Ra, the Star Wars #1 variant covers, Steve can draw!, Swamp Thing: The Animated Pilot, Terminator 2 toys, Skeletor’s Honda commercial, The Toxic Avenger, Troma, Larry the Cable Guy, COMICS, Amazon Review, Top 5 Interviews, Hulk Hogan, 3 Ninjas, The Shadow VS The Phantom, Mortal Kombat, Christopher Lambert, Comics News, FOOD, Obscure Green Lanterns, Our mutual dislike of Kanye West, Jonathan Frakes, Mortal Kombat(again!), Street Fighter, Cyborg, Wilford Brimley, Steven Segal, Comic book TV show finales, and a little more Comics talk. I hope we covered enough topics!

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Thanks for listening!

Below is the list of books we read this week!
Alex + Ada #11
All-New X-Men #34
AXIS: Hobgoblin #3
AXIS Revolutions #4
Batman #37
Batman and Robin #37
Batman Eternal #37
Bunker #8
Captain Marvel #10
Death of Wolverine: Weapon-X Program #4
Deathlok #3
Goners #3
Guardians of the Galaxy #22
Inhuman #10
Moon Knight #10
Ms. Marvel #10
Ragnarok #3
Rumble #1
Wayward #5
Wicked & Divine #6
Wytches #3
Zero #13