Episode 066 – The Shoveler!

Today on the show we are joined by one of our longtime listeners, Shaun K (AKA Horseminion519)! We discuss our top comic books of the week, how Shaun ended up the butt of a lot of jokes in our weekly Horse-Minions comic strip, the thoughtless remarks of Michelle Rodriguez, and of course the comic book, movie, and TV news from the week. Justin and Shaun also tell several funny stories! Don’t miss this one! Also, don’t forget to check out Justin’s new show, the Just In Case Podcast and follow Miguel on twitter to get all the info on his #shovelmyshit podcast tour!

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Below is the list of books we read this week!
All-New Hawkeye #1
Avengers World #18
Batman Eternal #48
Black Science #12
Cluster #2
Dark Engine #5
Detective Comics #40
God Hates Astronauts #6
God is Dead #30
Grayson #8
Guardians Team-Up #1 – Justin’s Pick of the Week
Harley Quinn #15
Hulk #12
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #10
Lady Killer #3
Lobo #6
Nailbiter/Hack Slash One-Shot #1 – Miguel’s #1 book, Justin’s #2 book
Nameless #2 – Justin’s #1 book, Miguel’s #2 book
Princess Leia #1
Rat Queens #9 – Miguel’s Pick of the Week
Return of the Living Deadpool #2
Rocket Raccoon #9
Saga #26
Wolverines #9
Woods #11