Episode 090 – Whoa, Baby! (Benjamin Kreger)

Today on the show we are joined by Benjamin Kreger, the owner of Warrior Innkeeper Creative, and the author of a new kickstarter book called “The Black Suit of Death”. We go over our top comics from the week, discuss Ben’s projects, and tell some very funny stories. Of course we also talk about the week’s Comics, Movie and TV news. This is a really great one, we hope you enjoy it!

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Below is the list of books we read this week!
Age of Apocalypse #1
Age of Ultron VS Marvel Zombies #4
Batman Arkham Knight #8
Broken World #4
Cluster #7
Deadpool VS Thanos #1
Detective Comics #44
Dying and the Dead #3
Empty #6
Future Imperfect #5
Hail Hydra #2
House of M #2
Jem and the Holograms #6
John Flood #2
Lobo #10
Material #4
Midnighter #4
Mockingbird #1
Mortal Kombat X #10
Spider-Island #3
Squadron Sinister #3
Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #3
Thors #3
We Stand on Guard #3
Woods #16