Episode 119 – BAM!!

On today’s episode we’re joined by Stuart McCune, a comic book creator from Ireland! He’s here to talk about his awesome Kickstarter for the second issue of his book, Monologue! He even has a special deal for Comical Podcast fans who support him! Miguel and Justin are a bit tired on this episode, because they just got home from a trip to Dallas where they met Steve Orlando (FINALLY!) and Tim Seeley! It was an absolute blast, and they’ll both be coming on the show soon! Of course on this episode, we talk comics, tell some funny stories, and go over the week’s news. This was a fun one!

Check out the kickstarter for Monologue here!

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Below is the list of books we read this week!
Batman #52
Darth Vader #20
Deadpool #11
Fix #2
Gwenpool #2
Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #2
Harrow County #12
Kaijumax Season 2 #1
Shutter #21
Southern Bastards #14