Episode 013 – Siike and Destroy! (Siike Donnely)

Today on the show we have Siike Donnelly from OSSM Comics! We talk about his upcoming projects, Monomyth and Elan Vital, We decide round 4 of Comical Madness, and we briefly discuss Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier!

Click here to check out Siike’s project: Elan Vital!

Below is some amazing artwork from Monomyth!

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Below is a list of the books we read this week, including in depth reviews of every title!

Welcome to the comic book reviews from 04/09/14! This week we read 21 books, including a title that hasn’t yet hit the shelves! It was overall a pretty good week, with only a few standout titles. If you think we’re missing out on a really good title, please let us know! We’d also love to hear people’s thoughts about our podcast or our reviews, so feel free to contact us via twitter at @comicalpodcast and @comicalpodcast2, or via email at comicalpodcast@gmail.com. Thanks!

All-New Doop #1 (3.5/5)
Writer – Peter Milligan
Artist – David LaFuente 

All-New Doop is a charming and fun story about what Doop was up to during the events of Battle of the Atom. It showcases his involvement in the outcome of that crossover, and his unusual crush on a fellow X-man (woman). It was a great start to a miniseries about one of the least known, but well liked X-Men characters. I’m looking forward to issue 2.

All-New X-Factor #6 (3.5/5)
Writer – Peter David
Artist – Carmine Di Giandomenico 

All-New X-factor #6 is a really solid book. The writing is smart, the artwork is stylish, but the story is still in its early stages and not much is going on. The team finds a reason to go visit Cypher and interrupts him contemplating suicide. Danger notices that Cypher has been carrying around a piece of Warlock’s body within his own, which sends the team off to have a chat with Warlock and Magus. The team continues to grow, but otherwise nothing much important happens. I have high hopes for the future though, and I’d recommend getting into this series while it’s still pretty easy to acquire the back issues.

All-New X-Men #25 (4/5)
Writer – Brian Michael Bendis
Artist – David Marquez (and MANY others) 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s probably the best issue of the entire All-New X-Men run. The story is simple, Beast is awoken from sleep by none other than Uatu: the Watcher. Uatu tells him that his interference with the time stream has caused all kinds of changes throughout this universe and all others, and then proceeds to show him some of the possibilities this reality could face because of his actions. All of the potential outcomes are well thought out, and I really loved the Watcher’s attitude towards Beast at the end. Every outcome story has a different artist, and they are excellent. This is a wonderful collaboration book, and even though the story stands alone from everything else that’s going on in the ANXM world, it fits very nicely and takes a moment to reflect on how much everything has been impacted by Beast’s choices. I recommend picking this one up!

Avengers Undercover #2 (4/5)
Writer – Dennis Hopeless
Artist – Kev Walker 

I didn’t read the Avengers Arena series, but I’m aware of what happened. I picked up Avengers Undercover #1 on a whim, and am glad that I did. The kids are all very interesting and they have a clear goal, to find and punish Arcade for what he did to them. In the second issue, they are looking for their missing friend, and track him to an underground (literally) club full of supervillains. They are surprisingly welcomed with open arms once the villains realize who they are. One-by-one the characters are embraced by would-be mentors until the last holdout forces everyone to leave. On their way out, they get a surprise “gift” from one of the villains, and come a lot closer to achieving their goals. I can’t wait to read the next issue. Go buy this.

Batman Eternal #1 (3/5)
Writer – Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Artist – Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson 

Batman Eternal didn’t live up to the hype for me. It was a fairly good book that selected an extremely mediocre villain for its debut. Professor Pyg is the bad guy in this first issue, and by a series of unfortunate events, so is James Gordon. The story focuses more on the supporting characters than Batman, although you’re reading the issue as a flashback from the eyes of a chained up Bruce Wayne. The writing and artwork are both excellent, but the story and the selected cast of characters really didn’t excite me. I’ll keep reading it but hopefully the book features Batman more prominently and gives him better villains. Pick it up if you want, but there are better Batman titles.

Captain Marvel #2 (4/5) – Miguel’s #2 book
Writer – Kelly Sue Deconnick
Artist – David Lopez 

Justin’s Review:
I wouldn’t really consider myself a member of the Carol Corps, but I’ve really come to enjoy Captain Marvel stories over the past year. This book is no exception. Carol is transporting the alien girl from issue one, and is set upon by hostile alien ships. She sets her ship on autopilot and takes the fight to the aliens, and she easily wins when she gets a little help from the Guardians of the Galaxy! Kelly Sue should write a Rocket Raccoon miniseries, because he is absolutely hilarious in this issue. This is a ridiculously fun book and you should be reading it.

Miguel’s Review:
Captain Marvel is on a medical mission and gets attacked by hostile aliens. During the battle, the Guardians of the Galaxy show up and give her a hand. She has a unique sense of humor and is a straight-up badass. During her time with the Guardians, Rocket attacks her cat believing it to be a Flerkin. His attempt to take out the kitty makes for a hilarious story.

Overall, this is a great book. I enjoy Carol’s wit and her interaction with the other characters. I love that she’s got strong morals and always does what she feels is right. I give this book a 4/5.

Coffin Hill #7 (3.5/5)
Writer – Caitlin Kittredge
Artist – Stephen Sadowski, Mark Farmer 

This is an excellent one-shot that looks back at Elle Coffin when she was a little girl scouring the woods looking for the Coffin Witch. It answers a lot of the questions from the first arc, and I believe sets up the next one. I’m really enjoying this series, it’s one of the few Magic-related stories I’ve read and liked in the last few years. Give it a try!

Daredevil #1.5 (3/5)
Writer – Mark Waid
Artist – Javier Rodriguez
This 50th anniversary book contains two standalone stories, one from Daredevil’s future and one from his past. The one from his future I found to be very exciting. It tells the story of Matt Murdock’s son, who was born with both sight, and the same abilities as him, and the difficulties he is facing now. It also features an old villain come back to try and draw Daredevil back into the spotlight. It’s a very enjoyable, but short story. The second story is a cheesy and somewhat funny look back at a moment in Matt’s past where he was trying to trick the world into thinking he had a twin brother. It’s not all that great, especially compared to the first story. If you’re a Daredevil completionist, pick this up, otherwise, just wait for issue #2.

Deadpool #27 (4.5/5) – Justin and Miguel’s #1 book!
Writer – Lots of writers from DP’s past.
Artist – Lots of artists from DP’s past. 

Justin’s Review:
As a hardcore Deadpool fan, I can’t even explain to you how much I loved this book. The wedding was funny and progressed the story that’s been building. It was somewhat short and not all of the characters pictured on the cover attended, but it was nice to see characters treating Deadpool like a friend, and wishing him the best on his wedding day. That said, the real magic happened during the bachelor party, and in the pages following the wedding story. Writers and artists from Deadpool’s past all came together to tell a unified story about all of the brides Deadpool has had. Each story has a unique feel, and Deadpool seems to flawlessly slip back into who he was during each of those writer’s story arcs. There were a lot of cameo’s and so many nods to hardcore fans who have read every Deadpool book. If you’re a Deadpool fan, you’ve probably already picked this up, and if not, you need to go do so now.

Miguel’s Review:
Ok, first of all this books sets a Guinness World Record for the most characters on the cover, and it’s all about Deadpool getting married! Deadpool is marrying Shiklah, queen of the monsters, who we met during Deadpool: The Gauntlet. He’s still dealing with Ultimatum and the fallout from the previous arc. They still want him dead, and make an appearance on his wedding day. The book contains many untold stories from Deadpool’s past about his previous marriages. Wolverine and Captain America are having a hard time believing everything he’s saying.

The stories are funny and there are tons of references to older comics. The bachelor party is hilarious and it was amazing to see Taskmaster there out of uniform blending with all the heroes. This has been an amazing run of Deadpool, and you should definitely pick up this issue and any back issues you can find!

East of West #11 ( 4/5)
Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Artist – Nick Dragotta 

East of West continues to be one of my favorite books every week. The writing, story, and artwork are consistently excellent, and the book always leaves me wanting more. This issue delves more into how the bureaucracy works in this world. It’s not action-packed but it does a lot to move the story forward and to give a little more insight into some of the big characters. You should be reading East of West by this point, go pick up the back issues and this one now!

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 (4/5)
Writer – Kaare Andrews
Artist – Kaare Andrews 

Kaare Andrews is one talented dude. This book is a much darker take on Danny Rand than I’ve read before, and I have to say I’m hooked. Rand is going through the motions of life, nothing excites him anymore, until he gets attacked by ninjas! Haha, seriously though, the book looks at who he has become while at the same time reflecting on the journey he took to become Iron Fist. Pick this book up now, you won’t regret it!

Kick-Ass #3 (3.5/5)
Writer – Mark Millar
Artist – John Romita 

This is the next to last issue of Kick-Ass ever! It’s violent and action packed as usual. One major character gets killed off, and another barely escapes. I can’t wait to see how it all ends! If you’re a fan of the Kick-Ass universe, definitely pick this up!

Mighty Avengers #9 (3/5)
Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Greg Land 

In this issue, the Blue Marvel manages to put things back in order from the last issue, and Ronin finally reveals who’s behind the mask. Just remember, he’s the same guy who was wearing the Spider-Guy outfit in the first few books. It makes the whole thing much funnier. Overall, this was a good but short issue. It’s not a crucial read, but if you’re looking for an Avengers title with some new faces, this could be the book for you.

Nightcrawler #1 (4/5)
Writer – Chris Claremont
Artist – Todd Nauck 

Chris Claremont writes Nightcrawler!!! How have you not picked this up yet? Nightcrawler adjusts to being alive again, and tries to come to terms with all that has changed since his death. It’s an excellent book and you should jump on now at issue #1.

Secret Avengers #2 (4/5)
Writer – Ales Kot
Artist – Michael Walsh 

This issue is an exciting spy romp, full of action and humor. Very few people write spy stories better than Ales Kot, and he nails it again in this book. After the events of issue 1, Fury and Coulson are trapped in space and need rescue. Some of the Secret Avengers (and Hawkeye) are nearby and may be able to help. MODOK and Maria Hill improve their relationship. A lot of awesome stuff happens. Buy this book.

Shutter #1 – Our Pick of the Week! (4/5)
Writer – Joe Keatinge
Artist – Leila Del Duca 

Justin’s Review:
Shutter is the story of Kate, who went on lots of adventures with her father as a child. Now she’s an adult, and she’s a writer and photographer who doesn’t go on adventures anymore. She’s written stories of her experiences, but has apparently run out of content. This doesn’t last for long, as the first issue leaves you intrigued and wanting more with a new adventure just around the corner. Parts of this felt like Johnny Quest, others like Indiana jones. All of it was very cool. Check it out today!

Miguel’s Review:
Shutter is a science fiction book that tells the story of Kate Christopher. She is a famous explorer who we first see on the moon with her father. Her father brought her up as an adventurer, but she walked away from that life to pursue her passion for photography. She is later attacked by ninjas and may be forced to return to the lifestyle she was raised with. This book feels like it is going to take me on a Jules Verne type of adventure. I can only imagine what will come next. If you enjoy sci-fi, then check this out today!

Star Wars #16 (3/5)
Writer – Brian Wood
Artist – Stephany Crety 

This is a fairly good issue, continuing to deal with the rebels trying to find a new base of operations. Something sinister is obviously going on the planet, but we don’t find out much about it in this issue. Basically this was just to set up the upcoming story arc. It was good, but unless you’re already reading the series, you don’t have to pick it up.

Thunderbolts #24 (3.5/5)
Writer – Charles Soule
Artist – Paco Diaz Luque 

The team has gone to Central America to track down an old team of Ross’s that had supposedly stumbled into some sort of cosmic force. Ross tries to enlist the help of a local merc who he knows, and when negotiations break down Ross is forced to fight. This issue sets up the upcoming arc. It was a fun issue, Deadpool had more lines than usual. If you’re already reading Thunderbolts, don’t stop. If not, you should be, but start with issue 21. It’s a much better place to jump on.

Walking Dead #125 (3.5/5)
Writer – Robert Kirkman
Artist – Charlie Adlard 

Negan thinks Rick is dead or dying, so he waits for the survivors to send out whoever is now in charge. He gets a surprise when it’s still Rick! All Out War only has one issue left. I can’t wait to see how it ends. Go read it from the beginning, or else wait for the trade!

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