Episode 018 – NANANANA NANANANA BAT DONG! (Nightshade Comics)

Today on the show we have Adam Orndorf and Mike Martin promoting their kickstarter. It’s called Blood & Dust: The Life and Undeath of Judd Glenny, and it sounds pretty freakin awesome!! We talk about Constantine and the Flash, Listen to several funny stories, and give away TWO 4-day passes to Comicpalooza!

Click here to check out Blood and Dust: The Life and Undeath of Judd Glenny!

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 Below is the list of books we read this week!

Action Comics #31
All New X-Men #27
Avengers #29
Avengers Undercover #4
Batman Eternal #6
Bounce #12
Captain Marvel #3
Deadpool #28
Field #2
Krampus #5
Nightcrawler #2
Secret Avengers #3
Shutter #2 (Justin and Miguel’s Pick of the Week)
Superman: Doomed #1 (Justin and Miguel’s #1 Book)

Walking Dead #127
Wolverine #6
X-Force #5 (Justin and Miguel’s #2 Book)

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